Which dress new year party 2018


The main elements of the year 2018 – Land, and its patron is a yellow dog. And thus, the main colors for new year’s outfit is all shades of Brown, beige, gold and yellow. This fashionable this season, shades melted milk and boiled condensed milk, hot chocolate and espresso, pumpkins and turmeric. If you have green eyes, then choose complex coniferous, hacks and tobacco shades, as well as shades of bark. If you more to face cold shades, then note the pastel colors for Christmas dresses: blue, gray, silver, and fresh lemon. Or break your outfit on top and skirt and pick up their different shades.

Choose your favorite landscape, it may be, for example, desert, mountains, pine forest or field, plowed on the plain, and assume from this style. This year it is worth to pay tribute to our planet, at least when choosing accessories. For example, choose an ornament from natural amber stones or wood. If you have strict dress, accessories to it better pick up maximum brilliant and shining, all shades of gold, ores and gems. And Mongrel, and a well-trained dog, and hilarious Terrier is not averse to frolic on the green meadow. And hence the floral print dress will be most welcome. Welcome any pictures of flora and fauna in the attire and accessories.

And here’s the silhouette better choose guided by your body features, rather than fashion trends. If you have the type shape hourglass, then highlight her dress with style for a shape, if you have broad shoulders, you should choose a dress with a skirt. Although it’s all trivia, the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it spend the whole night, both in the street and on the dance floor (who knows where you give up the Christmas adventure).

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