What to wear beige coat?


Coats wear bathrobe format with ballerina flats, sneakers, boots, and high boots, the top of which must necessarily be closed floors coats. Double-breasted short coat, pea coat format wear with sneakers. Top put on sweaters and turtlenecks, sweaters, t-shirts. Wear with jeans or pants, you can also wear black tights. In this case, the legs put on coarse shoes. Modern style of air is required, this can be, for example, part of the naked legs, arms or neck area.

What colors combine?
It is perfectly combined with basic colors: black, white, grey, Brown. Let’s consider a few popular shades and palette suitable colors.

Shade cashmere (upper photo) and suitable to it shades: raffia, pink lady, rodeo dust, watusi and others for example, lilac, blue, pink, fresh. Note the gray tone of these colors.

Shade of fawn and shingle to it: antique brass, brown pod, driftwood, ironbark and others. Great blue and turquoise shades. As well as wine and plum. All the pine shades.

Cameo shade and suitable to it: whiskey, putty, twine. Good fit of Buckthorn, brinjal, purple shades.

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