Trendy colors for the summer


If you trust the color tipirovaniju, define more precisely which of the three summer subtype you are. In the future, it would simplify greatly the search clothes desired colors. Once you have chosen your subtype, see what color clothes you more fit. This is the color palette that perfectly accentuate your eye color and the skin will make the image more harmonious.

Color: light summer
Light, not cold, cool and delicate subtype, eyebrows and eyelashes is bright.

Eye color: blue, grey, green-grey, blue-grey
Hair color: light blonde, Platinum, ash, light brown
SKINTONE: pale beige, pinkish podton, often with freckles
Star tsvetotipa light summer: Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Renée Zellweger
Suitable colors to the color of the bright summer (light summer)
First and foremost is the most neutral shades, elegant pink, lemon and blue pastel shades with the addition of gray. The Foundation of your color palette make up pink (Royal Heath, Shilo, Dust Storm), corporal, dust (Givry, Shilo, Sundown), blue (curious blue, Ziggurat, Gossamer), lemon, lilac, lavender, light gray and light tobacco shades. Note Emerald and blue shades from turquoise to deep blue.

Your color palette in the clothes:

Color: cool summer
Ice, cool and the contrast of the summer subtype. It is close to winter. Inherent in more Scandinavian and Nordic peoples. Hair can be from Platinum to dark grey almost black shades, but always without yellowness and in contrasting colour to the skin.

Eye color: blue, grey-blue, gray, green, greenish-Brown, dark blue, cornflower
Hair color: Platinum, from light to dark brown, dark brown, ash Brown shades, eyebrows gray
SKINTONE:-greyish beige, beige-blue, beige, dark beige
Star color cool summer: Kate Middleton, Kimberly Payne Williams, Emily Blunt, Milla Jovovich
Suitable colors for color cool summer (cool summer)
This subtype can have much in common with the winter and, therefore, some cold winter colours can fit you perfectly. For example, the color of orchids, Mallow, cocoa or cobalt blue. You are well suited for the black color, but not overwhelming. “Dilute” it, for example, the softness of texture or choose lighter shades (charcoal, dark grey, steel, navy). You perfectly suited the grey-turquoise, blue (Cyprus, New Midnight Blue, Paris M), blue-green, Plum, lavender, Berry (Jazzberry Jam, Crimson) and soft pink shades with cool purple slant. Note the “icy blue and silvery shades.

Your color palette in the clothes:

Color: soft summer
Soft and muffled subtype close to autumn. Bright eyes, light beige or brown skin, hair can be with a yellowish tone, but increasingly gray. Not cold subtype, but in bright make-up can “pull” a vivid and saturated hues.

Eye color: blue, grey-blue, green, amber, Brown, green
Hair color: from light to dark brown, light chestnut, ash, oak bark, milk chocolate, Dark chestnut
SKINTONE: beige shades from light to dark
Soft summer color stars: Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Morrison
Suitable colors for color soft summer
This subtype is a blend of autumn and summer color smoothly flows into autumn. You may be suitable as warm and cool shades. For example, blue, purple (Blackcurrant, Victoria, Light Wood, Blackberry), lilac, Plum, Emerald, raspberry, Aubergine, pinkish-purple, deep or ash pink and bright blue color. Almost all gamma of grays from the lightest to steel shades. Not radical white, coffee and beige shades.

Your color palette in the clothes:

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