Top brands from Spain you should know


Spain is not only a global network such as Zara or Mango, on their market, there are plenty of local companies, the range which can successfully compete with the much more famous brands from other countries, certainly worth knowing.

Spain is rich in traditions associated with leather goods, particularly with classic shoes. Few people know about it, because with the classics typically involve British durable brands (including Loake, Barker, Cheaney, Crockett & Jones), but already more than ten years, Spanish companies have successfully conquered the hearts of the fans of classic shoes. Their shoes are characterized by a very good price/quality ratio and, therefore, today worth mentioning a lot of brands in this category.

One of the most interesting Spanish brands of today’s list, we recommend you take a look at their website. It’s such a Spanish Polo Ralph Lauren, but with much lower prices. Thus, there are many classics, a little sporty inspiration, bold color combinations, fine details and accessories. But at affordable prices. The brand was founded in year 2007 in Seville three friends. Initially, they sold only ties, but gradually expanded range, and now the collection is very wide-from suits to swimming shorts.

And this, in turn, Spanish Gant, simple, timeless clothing from sports segment, elegance sold in dozens of colors, with a distinctive seal of crossed tennis rackets. This logo belongs to the brand, which is a source of inspiration for the creation of the British Silbon Hackett-with them crossed two umbrella. The brand was founded in year 2010, it is available in a dozen shops in Spain.

A very valuable brand in the world of classic shoes. Beautiful lines of spikes, careful finish and very interesting colour. The beginning of the company refers to the year 1866, but the dynamic development of the brand as we know it in its current form, it’s the end of the 90-ies of the last century. It was then that the concept seems to have gone with this product on the international markets and positioned it as a luxury product, because the arguments for quality were the most important for this. This is exactly what brand was created Carmina which Shoemaker decided to join leading caste classic footwear in the world and they succeeded very quickly.

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