Top brands from Canada you should know


Canada has never been a trendsetter in the fashion industry (unlike the neighboring United States), but in this country there are several strong brands that are recognized throughout the world, though not to the same extent as even Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Anyway, remembering brands from Canada not so easy to enumerate all of them when in other countries sometimes their overabundance.


The greatest success of any fashion company is a situation where a particular product or group of products becoming a household name for other or synonymous with a certain type of product. For example, when you think about glasses, most of you probably remember Ray-Ban sunglasses or sneakers, Converse shoes comes to mind.

Canadian company Canada Goose has become synonymous with high-quality down-padded coat, and although they are not as well known as Ray-Ban brand or Converse, But the slogan “the best down jacket world” people have appropriated this brand is not wasted. Outline of the Arctic Circle, this brand Canada Goose, a company that was founded in the 1950-ies in a small warehouse in Toronto. Originally they were called Metro Sports, later renaming occurred in Snow Goose and one Canada Goose. Characteristic logo with the contours of the Arctic circle was established only in 90-ies.


Naked & Famous

One of the most valuable brands of jeans in the world come from Canada. This Naked & Famous, which was founded in 2008 year. Their pants are made only in Canada, and in the production only used Japanese denim. The company boasts that it sells much better quality jeans than many well known brands. In addition, the name and logo of the company is a kind of deliberate satire, referring to the Hollywood world where there is no shortage of marketing creations that have nothing to do with good quality. Their pants are just 150-170 dollars and many consider them to be among the best in the world.


Canadian Native Shoes

You know shoes “plastics” reminiscent of Converse sneakers and with holes on top. It is a sign of Canadian Native Shoes brand that has found its niche in the footwear market and within a few years (the company has not yet reached the age of 10 years) has created a brand recognizable around the world. The footwear is manufactured using special foam EVA, ultra light and is used in low-profile beach shoes.

Designers decided to prove that footwear produced in this manner can be not only practical, but also pleasant. These shoes are perfect for walks on the beach, so if you’re passionate about design traditional flip flops, Native Shoes has been created for you. In addition, their shoes are also well suited for urban use.



At the beginning we argued that Canada Goose is synonymous with the best down-padded coat for many buyers, while the Sorel brand is frequently mentioned as a synonym for the best shoes for extreme conditions. Their snow boots are recognized worldwide and you probably know them.
Company history refers to the year 1908. It was then that Kaufmann family from Ontario began making shoes for the winter. Sorel brand was registered in 1962 year. Their solution was to cover part of the top of Vulcanized rubber skin and combine it with the sole, which guaranteed waterproof footwear. In turn, special insulation inserts guarantee protection from harsh temperatures. For many years it was the shoes for people who every day are left in extreme conditions, only a dozen years ago He decided to enter the market of fashion and he succeeded. Famous celebrities who in winter vacation is often photographed in Sorel on the legs (including Brad Pitt), supported the company. Now their collection can be bought in dozens of countries around the world.

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