Leather skirts for fall


The skin was fashionable for many years. Not surprisingly, she is sexy, elegant and adds character to any style. Last year ruled the Ramona and leather pants. Come into play this fall, leather skirts, so we should buy them as soon as possible.

Minimalism is primarily
Mini skirt is perfect for owners of long and slender legs. It has a rock in nature and you can combine it with other leather clothing, such as the beautiful leather boots with a wide top. For ladies with more feminine forms and more massive legs it is perfect also, but in this case it is best to combine it with leather boots-this season with knee-length. So they hide too much caviar. Sexy and tight mini balance better combined with weaker. Good idea for white oversized dress shirts, khaki shirts and of course free t-shirts with funny prints. Remember that the duo of black and white always goes hand-in-hand. I wonder how leather mini are the stars? Beyonce joins it with classic baseball jacket, Emily Ratajkovski with Black Lace top and Miranda Kerr with a plain white t-shirt that gently glides on the skirt.

Dizziness pencil skirt
Medium-length pencil skirt is an absolute hit, which is adored by women all over the world. Not surprisingly, the quintessence of femininity fits perfectly into every silhouette. Ladies with thin or boyish body will add a feminine shape. Women with full buttocks will stress their beautiful trumps. You can combine with the pencil skirt in different ways. Better in the company it will look sexy studs with a sharp tip. You will not be able to wear shoes with flat heels, but other options are allowed. The biggest fan of leather pencil skirts, undoubtedly, is Kim Kardashian. As a star of American realism is it? Short shirts, classic t-shirts and denim jacket-definitely dressed in a skirt. Angelina Jolie dons a white shirt, Heidi Klum on satin black top with straps, and Jessica Alba-at the trendy sweater Kenzo, which is also worth having in your cupboard.

Maiden grace
Pink leather skirt as her sister pencil, performs two important functions-it hides what we are concerned about the injustices that we have the best. Skirt available in many cases and depending on which one you choose, you should keep in mind a few rules. Skirt over the knee not only looks great, but elegant and athletic shoes. Try sneakers Isabel Marant or classic white Nike Air Max. You can wear this skirt with a long t-shirt or a soft sweater. Necessarily on the issue-then vyrovnjatsja perfect body. You are pohvastaetes flawless figure. This autumn will reign not only black color but its worth using. Of particular note are the leather hacks in khaki or dark maroon. This will be a hit for the upcoming autumn.

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