Different hair removal methods


Accurate and smooth skin is not only pleasant to the touch, but also looks aesthetically pleasing. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to know and test various methods of hair removal, so you can choose the best one for yourself.

Razor hair removal

This is the most popular method of getting rid of unwanted hair, also in the case of contraindications to the use of other methods of hair removal. The effect is immediate, but unfortunately it does not last long, and the hair on the body are visible again through 2-3 day. In addition, the skin after shaving often gets irritated and dry, so you should moisturize. There are other unpleasant consequences. A very important point before depiljaciej is choosing the right razor. A wide range of devices-from simple disposable, with moisturizing strips to interchangeable heads. Razors have a version according to the sex of the user. Not necessarily strictly buy exactly these models, although those who target women, must be softer, more friendly to the skin. But before you start working with the razor, you must also apply shaving foam. Selecting this product, check whether it contains a hydrating formula and what skin it is intended. After you shave you should use a hydrating or nutritional cosmetics. If you prefer natural cosmetics or a lighter texture, interesting choice is natural Aloe Vera gel that moisturizes the skin not just after depilation.

Hair removal creams

This type of hair removal is very easy, and also quite fast. It consists in the application of depiljacionnogo preparation on the right skin and wait several minutes. After the time of application, the manufacturer specified, wipe sponge or cream with a spatula and rinse the treated skin with plenty of water. Use of chemical components that make up the cream may cause irritation or even, in the case of excessive use of composition on the skin burns or allergic reactions. It is always worth checking the body’s allergic reaction to ingredients before applying the cream, making depilation on a small (2-3 centimeters) piece body. The apparent advantage of this type of waxing is that you can enjoy a smooth and sexual skin longer than with mechanical removing hair using the hair trimmer. More importantly, the cream is always selected for a certain type of skin-there are products available for normal, dry skin (moisturizing ingredients such as Lily extract, avocado oil), sensitive (including soothing Aloe Vera extract and vitamin E) . Also, remember that if you want to get rid of facial hair, we don’t use depilatory cream body and specially designed for the face.

Wax depilation

It can be painful but indisputable plus point is that the effect is permanent. Well try this method, it has the effect for a long time, for up to 4 weeks. Of course, you must reckon with the fact that at the beginning of the procedure, we feel the pain, but that does not do for beauty? you can choose wax with strips, without strips or rolls or wax in the Bank together with its heating. Choice mostly is how to apply the product. In the first case, the heat strips in the hands, glue them in volosiften of body and tear off a few minutes later. The second-place the wand with evenly and in a few seconds we get rid of it with hairs. Using a roller or print heater is the most time-consuming: firstly, roll or wax box should be put in the heater, wait a few tens of minutes, apply the wax onto your skin, wear the strap and after some time turn it off. Always remember, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the drug-using too hot wax can be dangerous! Apply the felt tape on attached wax, to facilitate its destruction and … After the pain! After removing wax, always at the end of the clean skin from residual-preferably a cloth soaked in olive oil and voila! Skin without hair for a long time!


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