Emerald dress


Emerald dress is an elegant styling for many of us. Emerald color is a shade of green, whose name comes from a precious stone. He is so thinned that looks best on the original dresses. But you need to make this color correctly sounding in your style.

Emerald color intense, dark-green, that is perfect for large outputs. He has something complex and unprecedented in itself. It looks great on precious materials and adds mystery and class of women who wear them. Redheads are especially beautiful in this shade. Actress with fiery-haired Julien Moore and Marcia Cross, know this and often opt for red carpet Emerald dress. In this color every woman will stand out regardless of hair color. Emerald is best represented in the company of classical black and metallic colors. It looks bad in combination with white and pastel. Gray adds sophistication, but it can also fail. To achieve the best effect, worth combine Emerald gown with silver, gold or black accessories. People who are not afraid to stand out, can choose accessories in deep shades of purple, Fuchsia, red and even yellow kanareechnogo. One additive from heavy colors give the appearance of the style.

If Emerald color goes well with red carpet, then it will look good and luxurious parties. If you want all eyes were on you, put the Emerald dress. We offer chiffon long dress, and gentle. For delicate material better suited silver than gold. We put on a decorative silver sandals with heels covered with stones. With high collars better refuse to wear necklaces and earrings. We chose the ornate hanging earrings for dress. You can add, for example, silver bracelet with green stones that are appropriate to the color of the dresses. Purse must also be silver.

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