Denim jeans spring-summer 2018-2019


We do not think your wardrobe without denim clothing. Every year we look forward to seeing what new and interesting offers us designers this season, and know exactly what your favorite pair of jeans, there will always be a place in the fashion Olympus.

This season to be absolutely in the trend to pay attention to the embroidery and patches on jeans. The most usual pair suddenly turns into a ostromodnuju if it flaunts a bright applique or embroidered flowers. Vdohnovljajsja podiumnymi Dolce Gabbana & images: bright colors, an abundance of decorative elements, seals and Crown. Call all this beautiful word eclecticism and decide to get a bright pair of pants. You can go shopping, and you can turn your favorite jeans into a work of art.

If the same style and lifestyle require restraint, then pay attention to flared jeans, exactly resembling the hippie-1970s, they again at the peak of its popularity! In no case does not match such elongated blouses and shirts, so the image will lose its main purpose is to extend your feet to infinity.

Denim jackets in the spring of this year worth wear absolutely everywhere: from jeans to create a denim total goals-Luke, with the flying skirt-MIDI and ballerina flats for a romantic image, or classic trousers-by reeds and a white shirt if you are a business Lady.


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