Clothing Brands FROM GERMANY That you Should Know


German brands are associated with reliability, good quality and conservative design. And this applies to everything: household items, appliances, furniture, cars, architecture. The most famous brands identified with these characteristics include: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Braun, Siemens and many others. How about the most famous clothing brands with German roots? It looks like. They differ especially good quality. The design is different, but generally conservative and lack of expressive style is characteristic of the most popular German brands with apparel market. For some it is an advantage, for others it is a drawback. The following is a subjective selection of companies that you should know.


Brand with a very interesting history that begins with the famous Camel Trophy. They were a form of promotion of tobacco brand Camel. The enormous popularity of these competitions led to clothing items used by the crew of the Camel Trophy. These were mostly shirts, pants, jackets, hats, vintage military backpacks. Their characteristic feature was high quality, natural fabrics, big pockets and neutral colors of sand. This garment was considered indestructible, they were synonymous with the highest quality. Because the camel logo was clearly associated with cigarettes, a brand of the clothing evolve dynamically, its name was changed to Camel Active and works under that name to this day.

The style of their collection still refers to the tourist climate and fabrics are subjected to various types of methods of aging, thanks to which the clothing of them looks like they traveled with the owner of thousands of kilometres. Women’s collection is also available. In branded and multi stores sold clothes and shoes Camel Active. This is one of the few high-end brands, which produces his clothes up to 5XL.


Probably the most famous German brand from the fashion industry and one of the world’s largest corporations. The company was founded by Hugo Ferdinand Boss in the year 1923. A shameful past, which from time to time remember the MEDIA is in the years of the second world war. Hugo Boss factories during this time worked prisoners sewed uniforms for the SS, Wehrmacht and Hitler.

The company currently has four stamps, each of which is aimed at a slightly different target group: Boss-the most expensive, the most elegant and popular line; Boss Green-sportswear line; BOSS Orange-City line; Hugo-line, which is a blend of modernity and classics.


This company’s history begins in Hamburg more than 60 years ago. Adolf Vuttke, the company’s founder, first made a working form for employees of the shipbuilding sector. It was a sturdy and functional clothing. They were sewn from heavy wax canvas. Currently, some of the manufacturer is Wellensteyn best jackets in the world and although they have nothing to do with work clothes, their quality and functionality are still a prominent feature. In addition, the climate of the Hamburg shipyards is still a prerequisite for taking pictures of this brand. This is a company that focuses exclusively on the manufacture of jackets and we must recognize that they are excellent in this. Their products, unlike many other dem has a distinctive design and details that make them different from competitors.

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