Choosing the right men’s socks


In the men’s fashion socks-not the most important item of clothing. First place will always be for perfectly tailored suit, beautiful silk tie and leather shoes. Sooner or later, however, details are beginning to have value, and socks become a stylish addition. It is worth to look at them in terms of quality that distinguishes the upscale socks.

Few things destroy image of an elegant person, like socks, protruding from underneath trousers. Good socks must be resistant to pillingu, a loss of color and elasticity. Fiber from which they were made, should be pleasant to the skin, that is the most natural, with the small additive of synthetics, which gives increased durability and Stretchability. Remember that your feet are one of the three areas of the body, most of which is covered with sweat glands. Thus, comfort wear is critical, but the Visual quality is also important.

The main component of high quality socks-good yarn. The proportion of natural fibres should be as much as possible. Wool, cotton, silk, cashmere-attached properties that you’ll feel. The more noble blend, the pleasant sensations to the skin. Unfortunately, natural fibers do not mean that it is good quality socks, because 100% cotton socks can be bought quite cheaply, but their quality will be miserable, you can also spend a few dozen euros for a pair of socks from the selected yarns, but their quality can be extremely different. Cotton is the most popular raw materials used for the manufacture of socks. It has many advantages, but it has drawbacks. If no elastane yarn itself or is of poor quality and the production process is minimized, the socks usually loses its shape pretty quickly. Poor yarn also serves as a rapid loss of original color, which can sometimes be seen on dark models after two, three washings. Besides cotton bad copes with removing moisture, so people with excessive sweating of the feet may have the impression of constantly wet socks that reduces comfort. The indisputable advantage of this vegetable fiber is good breathability in a situation where we don’t have to deal with the above-mentioned property. The highest quality is guaranteed by the so-called long cotton (ELS-Extra Long Staple). Most often, this Egyptian varieties Mako or Giza. American Pima is slightly lower. On the contrary, this Rolls Royce in the world cotton-a very rare kind of Sea Island. It is unparalleled in terms of sensitivity and durability. His fiber is almost twice as long as the Egyptian, resulting in the preparation of yarn formed fewer tubercles. This means that the fabric will be smoother and stronger and more expensive.

Cotton socks are of the highest quality are often inscriptions Fil d’ecosse, Fila di Scozia or Cotton Lisle. This means that they were made of cotton with a long fiber, typically Egyptian, who was cleaning the Mercerizing and tanning. Most often, each thread was twisted from two fibers, which positively affects the durability. In short, it is a sign and guarantee the best cotton in the world.

Fleece according to some experts, the best material for socks. Provides warmth and good breathability, thanks to the elasticity of fibres quickly returns form. One of its major advantages is very good management of humidity (no wonder Thermo underwear prized Merino Wool). Even if your feet sweat a lot, you don’t feel any discomfort. Many people shy away from wool, fearing its roughness and kusajushhego effect. Well this is a question of quality fiber. The best manufacturers use Merino, grown in Australia and New Zealand. Ultra thin meriny soft and very gentle on the skin. Absolutely no irritants. Bresciani in the assortment you can find 140 socks socks made of Merino in the version with two layers. However, some models Pantherelli based on 100-year-old threads. The British company also makes unique wool socks from El Escorial. It’s really high-quality fibres. The downside of woolen socks may be peeling, although it mainly concerns models with thicker and hairy yarn. Still, price-woolen socks, usually a few tens of per cent more expensive than cotton.

Cashmere is one of the most sensitive and expensive material for socks, so it is rarely used in this range. Unfortunately, its softness does not go hand in hand with durability. The most sensual cashmere obtained from goats, living in the inner parts of Mongolia and Northern China. Socks made of 100 per cent of such yarn, extremely pleasant to the touch, but their life is insignificant. Cashmere from Afghanistan and New Zealand is much stronger, but they lose their softness. The fragility of this luxurious fibers leads to the fact that often it is reinforcing admixtures, usually synthetic. The most exclusive version is a combination of cashmere and silk. It was definitely purchases the strength, but still extremely delicate and looks less puffy. Manufacturers know that the word “cashmere” looks attractive. That is why it is often placed on labels in uppercase to clearly indicate the presence of an exclusive composition of fibres. Sometimes this wording implies the execution of pure cashmere, and the result is that its content is really insignificant. In order not to lose most of the benefits of this thin fiber, it must cover at least 50% of yarn, although even a small addition cashmere greatly increases the tactile quality, which for many people are the most important feature of this exclusive wool. Socks made of 100% cashmere yarn is a luxury product, because you have to pay a lot for one pair, and their durability will not be as high as their price.


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