Business casual dress code female summer


Give your preference for bright colours. Beige, peach, and of course the white stuff is the best basis for an ideal summer Office wardrobe. Forget about tight and tight clothing. In the summer of artificial fabrics are unacceptable. Dress flax, cotton, natural silk. Enjoy accessorizing silk blouses with short sleeves, cotton tops and coarse linen.

Forget about shoes with high heels. In heat by the end of the workday can become swollen and feet Sandals to stilettos can become your beautiful Office tool of torture. Better when the graceful boats from textiles on a low Hill, or sandals with closed toe flat course.
Decorations in the summer it is better to choose the maximally concise. Heavy jewelry and a massive silver fashion jewellery also add sensation of lightness. Choose a thin chain with a miniature pendant, earrings-studs.
And, finally, underwear. This invisible others, but such an important part of your wellbeing also needs to be reconsidered for the summer period. Discard molded BRA on diamond, try to choose a light cotton as possible models, which do not compress the lymph nodes, and do not soar breasts. Thong is also not the best option. Perfect linens will be a pair of seamless panties-slips from cotton. Such underwear will discreetly under clothing, it absorbs moisture and does not detain her.

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