lavender homecoming dresses 2018/19

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Customer Reviews lavender homecoming dresses:

By Christy Cheng:
This dress is incredible! It gives a beautiful shape to my body. The length (just above the knee) sets off my legs without being too short or making me look disproportionate.

By Naomi Thompson:
I snagged it on a sale, and wish I had it in every color. It’s so flattering and beautiful, and the blue-purple is definitely eye-catching, I receive tons of compliments in this dress!

By Diana Nicole:
I, like the others, was skeptical of ordering a dress online, but I loved the pictures of this dress and after reading SO MANY positive reviews about this dress, I decided to take a risk and order it. I tried on dresses at stores and they were pretty, but this dress is prettier than the ones at the stores. Plus, I couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars for a dress I will wear ONE DAY. I cannot believe I got this dress for this cheap. The dress came in earlier than expected and the customer service was wonderful! I am tall, so they worked with me to alter it to fit my height. They made sure I was pleased before they went through with the order. I showed my family and friends and they are in awe of how stunning this dress is and how cheap it was. I would recommend GEORGE BRIDE to any and everyone!!! My day will be VERY special thanks to them.