great gatsby inspired wedding dresses

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Customer Reviews great gatsby inspired wedding dresses:

By Amena Tawakoly:
The color did not disappoint but I thought that the fit is very unforgiving for those of us who have any slight body flaws such as being “hippy” or reasonably endowed at the top.. I think you need a well proportioned figure to carry off this dress well.

By Jessica Nguyen:
Just got this dress and love it, it fits really well, ordered it using the Amazon sizing chart and it worked out perfectly. I am only 5 feet 4 inches but even the length is good, even with a relatively low heel. I may trim a few bits off the lace edging and had to be careful with the zipper the first time but overall this dress is a winner.

By Alexis Martin:
Sunvary is a wonderful company to work with. I give them time to sew, did not ask for any rush work, yet the dresses arrived soon enough. First they ask for exact size for the dress and its custom sewn to that size very accurately. These are custom dresses which makes a huge value bargain. If there is anything you want differently done, tell them and they will accommodate. The dress will vary slightly on bead patterns at times, but that is a good thing because its artistically done making your dress unique. Overall they stick to the idea of the dress with excellent work and the quality of the materials is very high. This dress is extremely pretty in the off white champagne, the many foil spangles make it super pretty. We asked for knee length and the underskirt is very nicely hidden but long enough.